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historical novel - court of miracles

Court of Miracles: A Human Comedy of 17th Century France
A Tale of Passion, Rivalry, Betrayal, Social Ambition and Ultimately, Friendship and Love

The year is 1661. The boy King Louis XIV has reached his majority and has taken the reins of his Kingdom into his own hands. The French nobility, only recently in rebellion against the Crown, scampers to pay homage to the ruler and vies for the honor of being received at the Royal Court. Among those eager to gain favor with the King are the Marquis and Marquise de Valinquette. The Marquis’s father had been among the chief plotters against the Crown and the gray eminences behind the throne. But all that is in the past now. The Hôtel de Valinquette in the fashionable Marais district of Paris... more / excerpt

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historical novel - princess of the blood

Princess of the Blood: A Tapestry of Love and War in Sixteenth-Century France
A Young Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery in a World of Fanaticism, Superstition,
Religious Strife & Sectarian Violence

The year 1588 finds the Kingdom of France in the grip of its seventh civil war. Three decades of bloody religious strife between Roman Catholics and Protestant Huguenots have cut a seemingly insurmountable rift. Philippe de Treffort is a young nobleman and captain in the army of the Catholic League, sworn to defend the Apostolic Faith against the heretic Reformed Religion. When spring maneuvers take him and his troops to a remote village in the southern Ile de France, he becomes enthralled with Sandrine, the local innkeeper’s daughter. From the moment they meet, he senses a mystery behind this beautiful, headstrong child so different... more / excerpt

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